Saturday, March 3, 2012


If a person is a diabetic means he has to control it in three ways

                   DIET                ..  60%
                   EXERCISE      .. 20%
                   MEDICINE     .. 20%

If you are not controlling it, it will lead to kidney failure, vision problem, etc.  How are we taking our food, by our hand, so the medicine is in our hand.  

If you are south Indian,, take only one full hand size of rice only a day rest foods are wheat.  If you are north Indian then take only 2 chapattis a day rest foods are in rice.
Because south Indians like rice very much but north indians likes wheat.

You can do simple walking for 30 minutes continuously
do yoga too which will reduce the diabetic

Never eat Junk  foods, which will increase your cholesterol level which will lead to heart problem

Monthly check up is compulsory for diabetic patient. 

Please keep your sugar under control and enjoy the life.

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