Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Black patches ..in hand knee .. want to remove...

Beauty is another form of healthy.  Most of the people going to parlor to keep their face, hand and leg beauty.   But they are not giving attention to their hand knee.  There are black patches and are looking ugly.

To remove those black patches do the following home remedy.

1. Turmeric powder .. 1 tspoon & 3 curry leaves and grind both and make it as a paste.  Apply the paste on the knee before 15 minutes of bath and wipe with warm water.  If you continue doing like this that black patches will go away.

2. 1 spoon rose water 1spoon neem oil, and 100gms tulsi leaves and 2 mint leaves and make it a paste. You can apply these pasts on hand knee and leave it for 20 minutes.  After that wash with warm water. 

3.  Very easy method.  massage that place with mustard oil for 10 minutes.  The black patches will go off 

4. Add honey, coconut oil and with lemon and apply that juice on that hand knee.  It will go off .

The above tips are not only for hand knee, you can apply for neck and wherever you find black patches.

Kindly follow the tips and make your look good. 

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