Monday, January 14, 2013


All are wants to reduce their weight and are trying and doing more exercise and all.

Recently University of Manchester's P.T. Scientist did one research.  In that he informed that a person who is standing continuously for 3 hours a day, his/her weight will reduce considerably. 

The scientist informed that if a person siting in one place continuously his weight will increase because there is no calorie burning, but when they are standing from their body total 3.6 kg cholesterol will burnt, because of that their weight will reduce. 

One more sweet news that those who are standing continuously for more than 3 hours there weight will not increase further.

It is a good news.

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mohamedali jinnah said...

Gopd information

mohamedali jinnah said...

Good post

a Rat said...

There are more people looking for easy n bit lazy weight reduction tips.. Interesting piece of info. thanks for sharing..

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Santosh Bangar said...

good info

latha said...

@ Mohamedali .. Thank you sir,

@ Rat .. Welcome Rat

@ Thanks Santosh