Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I read one article in a book about current workers,

It has emerged that modern employees favor longer shifts with fewer days over the traditional nine-to-five , Monday to Friday working system, And it appears that more Australians are embracing three 12-hours shifts a week because it gives them an extra long weekend.

The 12-hour day has typically been used in mining and emergency services, but
is now appearing in other industries also .

It is creeping in to all Industries.  We see it now in hospitality, retailing and health services.  I can't think of an Industry where it is not happening".

Australia has one of the highest uses of extended shifts in the world.

Employers' also agree that longer shifts can improve productivity and workers in a variety of field told that it gives them greater flexibility than traditional nine-to-fivers.

Now a days the 12 hour, three-day-a-week model was also increasing because it suited a lot of employers.

Now, we being a employee would also like to work three-day-a week 12 hours.  Let us wait.  We will also get that.

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